melancholy headband

by Ira

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the product of insomnia, and other factors.


released July 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Ira UK

1/2 ahageo fairy of the wind. 🍃 Imptern for the lovely @ExordiumMusic Demons, lock your doors. ---- ramona 💜

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Track Name: lucid dreams
as he
sits in his room
begins to realise
at screen burning
starts to recognise
he's flaccid
acid turning
passage of time
looks over the shoulder
of the clock
revealing blue skies

retained retinas
scuares for eyes
caught up yet
not on the inside
where is the cat
for his minds eye
there's no catalyst
and waiting to die
where is the future
for the dream of a life

and turning
mind for the sharks
and head is circling
spun round the block

time is ticking
and ticking
fickle and dripping
only been killing
and wants it to stop

gambiling sandman
give me a hand man
for a piece to the puzzle
i don't understand man
lock it in place
dropped on my face
pass me the hourglass
let me cop dreamstate

cause this is
another lucid dream
losing himself
to the year 2018
he cant turn back
for all
the seasons or scenery
no swords or sorcery
what is this wizardry?
casio black

cause this is
another lucid dream
losing himself
to the year 2018
cant turn back
the seasons or scenery
no swords or sorcery
what is this wizardry?

26 letters he begins halluncinating
distasteful timelines
but ever greatful
begin to the blur the line
do you read these messages
do you know if he is fine?
head spurt
life gives you lemons
but shit
i got hurled limes
still hanging off wires
still breaking my spine
i want volume six
at least we still got 5.5

cause this is a repetition
of my condition
mulled over mulligan
living in the groundhog day of rap
Track Name: fidgeting
i've taken one pill in the moonlight
two bugs for a june night
three hills i choose to climb
four meals i don't eat right

i cant see 3d
but 4d - that shit's tight
overdose your block
let that shit ignite

gather round the campfire
to hear a spooky story
frightening like knives
i cant promise it wont be gory

hold on tight
but do you choose to let the right one in?
cause i'll be here all night
unless my kindle dies again

okay it's been
3 days without sleep
what does shit mean to me
all the faces in my dreams
now reality
cannot take the pace
and now i'm falling off the axis
as i step onto a compass
the atlas sticking to my feet

they used to ask
where in the world is carmen sandiago
i got something easier
like yo, where the fuck my day go
exploring the passages of my mind
until we reach the final destination
where perhaps you may often find
no items
4 sto-

no i mean 1 v 1
this vendetaa personal
i'm bout to square up to the sun
if i cant reach
i guess i'll just go and kick my oven
sit back
hit a fag
and call that shit a job done
Track Name: anymore(less)
i couldnt sleep last night

problems are often
long and disolving
time and it's costing
me and evolving

tea of the oolong
out cold for so long
why is it stopping
where has it all gone

why is the sun out
for so damn fuckin long
don't accompany me
blot you out
just to run from

so meaningless
been here and hearing this
never heal from this
dream state
sleeping on the floor

i can't feel anything
where is my everything
i couldnt ask for nothing more

several hours spent away
the friction in my brain
is twisted like fiction

prickled bushes
hurting and hitting

remove myself
i leave from existening

and now i do not think
that i could dismiss this
why am i swirling again
i'm so posessed, shit

ruined raindrops
acidic countertops
slave to the pavement
as i let my body drop

not one to function
so please let me fucking stop
everything hurts
soon these day i am gonna pop

caps in my brain
blue screen my face
nothing is found
404 nothing remain

constant pain
and fighting
of pysche
it's nightly
l-l-l-losing sleep
ever so frightening
question reality
where is my sanity
lost it a while back
losing track
of how to breath

certified zombie
please put my body back
i'm not undead
just a hack like a fucking axe

a face with a certificate
some unfinished business shit
wishing for another hit
expressing some bullshit
catch me in purgatory
waiting to move on from this
which is a story
i wish i never read or lived
Track Name: missing (interlude)
i'm a
i'm a i'm a i'm a

sleep walker
adjust your position
consume some vegetables
so you don't miss out on those vitamins

take a tablet
and follow that perscription

underwater overdose
what you know
about fission
choking on seaweed
or smoking submarine missles

captain of the dewgong
in the next issue

i dismiss you
rent it back
for subscription
lack of oxygen
air is what my lungs are missing
Track Name: ghoulish castles
deadass art
from the
nonexistant heart

before it even starts

as the
birds fly at night
wave through the windows
shivers in the cold
dark when the wind blows

and in the end
tendency to roam
i try to sleep
but if i do is unknown

what does it matter
if everything is broke

i'm not living
exisiting is unplanned